NASM Senior Fitness Specialization (SFS)

$ 4,000.00

The NASM Senior Fitness Specialist (NASM-SFS) - Play a vital role in keeping seniors active!

Learn how to become a helping hand and a guiding force for aging adults looking to stay fit and active in a safe environment. As a Senior Fitness Specialist, you’ll play a vital role in keeping active aging adults moving, motivated, and healthy. Pick up the skills necessary to safely progress active older clients through the OPT™ Model, while being aware of their physiological considerations and physical goals.

Keep this growing segment healthy and fit! NASM Senior Fitness Specialists:

  • Boost their reputation, career, and client base by capitalizing on the growing demand for physical fitness experts for active older adults
  • Enjoy the convenience of many adctive older adult's flexible schedules
  • Reduce risks for falls and preserve their independence
  • Understand limitations, common medical conditions, aging process, and frequent fitness obstacles
  • Invest in their client’s lives and futures . . . as well as their own!

The course includes:

  • 13 In-Depth Chapters NASM’s Senior Fitness Specialization course contains 13 in-depth chapters covering everything from program design for older adults, assessment strategies, nutrition considerations and so much more!
  • 12 Learning Videos Dispersed through the 13 chapters are 12 high-quality videos to aid in your learning.
  • Fully Interactive Learning Platform Our online course portal brings everything you need to provide the best insight and guidance available on any device.
  • In-Depth Glossary This course includes a fully interactive digital glossary so that you can look up terms and see what page you're on.
  • Downloadable Handouts Access the handout library to download PDFs so that you can easily access or print them at any time.
  • Chapter Quizzes There are quizzes throughout the course, which can be taken as many times as you need. A practice exam is provided to help you prepare for the final exam.

Course Overview:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Senior Fitness
  • Chapter 2: Scope of Practice
  • Chapter 3: Physical and Physiological Considerations of Aging
  • Chapter 4: Psychological Considerations of Aging
  • Chapter 5: Fitness Assessments for the Active Older Adult
  • Chapter 6: Flexibility Guidelines for Active Older Adults
  • Chapter 7: Cardiorespiratory Training Guidelines for Active Older Adults
  • Chapter 8: Core, Balance, and Plyometric Training Guidelines for Active Older Adults
  • Chapter 9: Resistance Training Guidelines for Active Older Adults
  • Chapter 10: Program Design for the Active Older Adult
  • Chapter 11: Common Medical Conditions and Programming Modifications
  • Chapter 12: Nutrition Guidelines and Considerations for Active Older Adults
  • Chapter 13: Professional and Business Development

Remark: All online material can only be accessed using desktop or laptop computer. iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone or Android devices are not supported.

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