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NASM Strength and Conditioning Bundle

$ 16,000.00

What you’ll Learn?

Help your clients reach their fitness potential with NASM's Strength and Conditioning Bundle. This course combination is ideal for coaching and training athletes, whether professional or amateur.

Begin with our cornerstone NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) program which will lay the foundation you need to accurately assess and build customised workouts using NASM’s world-renowned OPT® Model.

Next, build on this foundation with two incredibly powerful specialisation programs that work together to supercharge your skills. The NASM Performance Enhancement Specialisation (NASM-PES) focuses on training athletes and improving sports performance. The Corrective Exercise Specialisation (NASM-CES) is all about movement, empowering you to identify and fix movement imbalances to improve the quality of workouts and help clients prevent injury.

Aquire not only the tools to build a solid foundation of fitness for your clients, but also the ability to prevent and correct faulty movement compensations through corrective exercise. This stable base is especially important when coaching clients for performance - no matter the level of athletic ability or fitness.

What ultimately separates this bundle from the rest is its emphasis on delivering the safest most stable platform for performance training in the industry. Strength and conditioning has never looked better!

What's included:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) Online Self Study course

The NASM-CPT Online Self Study program is designed with you in mind. You gain access to the NASM-CPT Online Self Study course and hardcopy textbook. Foundational certification every trainer needs to accurately assess and build customised workouts using NASM's proprietary OPT Model.

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialisation (NASM-CES) Online Self Study course

The best standard for preventing or fixing existent movement problems for clients. Corrective exercise as a discipline is of tantamount importance for every NASM-CPT. Learn to identify little dysfunctions before they become big issues. Reduce injury risk with individualised workout programs.

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialisation (NASM-PES)Online Self Study course 

Ramp up the training intensity and enhance your clients’ performance with the NASM-PES.

Combine 3 powerful course for 1 low price!

  • Increase your earning potential
  • Reach a wider group of potential clients
  • Start your fitness career off right with the knowledge to fully address your clients' fitness needs
  • Program more efficient and effective workouts
  • See results faster by creating a more personalized fitness plan for your clients
  • Earn enough Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to recertify your Trainer Certification


Do I have to renew these qualification?

NASM’s Personal Trainer Certification (NASM-CPT) is a certification, which means you must re-certify every two years.

On the contrary, the Corrective Exercise Specialisation (NASM-CES) and Performance Enhancement Specialisation (NASM-PES) are specialisations, not certifications, which means they do not need to be renewed. Once you pass the NASM-CES and NASM-PES final exams, your specialisation certificates never expire.

What are Continuing Eduction Units (CEUs)?

In order to re-certify, NASM-CPT you are required to earn 2.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every two years. The NASM-CES and NASM-PES are both worth 1.9 NASM CEUs upon successfully passing the exam. The mandatory CPR/AED certification is 0.1 CEUs.

How long will I have to complete the courses?

You will have 365 days to complete the NASM-CPT, NASM-PES and NASM-CES exams and access to the course content for 1 year. Each course is typically completed in just 8-12 weeks. Extensions are available for each course for an additional fee.

How are the exams administered?

The NASM-CPT, NASM-PES and NASM-CES exams are proctored live at Optimum Performance Studio.

Which exam should I complete first?

We recommend that you complete the NASM-CPT exam first so that you can utilise the CEUs from the NASM-PES and/or NASM-CES courses.

Bundle Price Includes: SAVE 20%

  • NASM-CPT Online Self Study Course (Regular price HKD7,000)
  • NASM-PES Online Self Study Course (Regular price HKD6,500)
  • NASM-CES Online Self Study Course (Regular price HKD6,500)
  • Bundle Price for NASM-CPT, NASM-PES, NASM-CES HKD16,000

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Course Format:

Online Self Study