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Workouts Designed With Everyone In Mind

Whether you’re a Navy SEAL, a septuagenarian with bad knees, or anywhere in between, you can use the TRX Suspension Trainer. Suspension Training® is accessible: anyone, at any fitness level—including people with mobility or vision impairments—can use the TRX Straps to improve their strength and mobility.

In Suspension Training, the user determines the “resistance” by adjusting how close they are to the anchor point. For standing exercises, that means stepping forward or back, (the closer your feet are to the anchor, the heavier the load), or their foot stance, (wider is easier; narrow or single-foot is harder). For exercises on the ground, closer to the anchor point is easier, and further away is more difficult.

Thanks to the foolproof progression method, you don’t have to worry about plateauing at a specific “weight” level. Everyone can use the same piece of equipment to perform the “same” exercise but at different levels of difficulty.

And the Suspension Trainer doesn’t take up a lot of space or require special installation.