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Power Plate education is designed for everyone, including coaches, movement specialists, or end consumers seeking to upgrade skills and understanding on the benefits of vibration training. Just as important is experiencing how vibration training affects and influences the body and how to design and programme Power Plate training sessions. Vibration training helps clients, athletes and/or consumers prepare faster, perform better and recover quicker by stimulating the natural reflexes in the body to increase muscle activation and circulation.

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Power Plate® Discover Power Plate振動訓練課程

Optimum Performance TST 16/F, CheukNang Centre, 9 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

這個 4 小時的實體工作坊會通過 Power Plate 去介紹全身振動訓練。透過這課程你可以體驗到如何利用 Power Plate ,去改善身體狀況,帶來更快的準備狀態、更好的運動表現和更快地恢復原狀,從而增強整體運動上的表現。
無論你是業餘的健身愛好者、健身專業人士、運動員或是臨床醫生,我們的目標都是為你提供技能、知識和信心,以成功利用 Power Plate去優化結果並提高你和你的客戶的生活素質。

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