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In December 2013 I got a stress fracture in my foot! I was told to wear a cast and that the recovery time would be 12 weeks ! I was absolutely gutted! Not only would I not able to do any fitness coaching or running, I was also going to miss out on my dream of running the Vibram HK 100 in January 2014. I was a proud member of the Vibram trail running team and had planned to run it in my FiveFingers!

I decided to rest well during the first important weeks of healing. I chose to “eat, drink and be merry!” over Christmas .

On January 1st 2014 my body fat was already up 7% and I was miserable because I could not run. I decided to take action – I cut the carbs (I HATE diets!) and re-focus my training (i.e. find alternatives to my favourite things, running and jumping!).

Instead of being sad about not running, I focussed on losing body fat and strengthening my foot. I began to really appreciate my body and enjoyed the fat loss and foot healing journey! I decided to hike the HK Vibram 100 (a challenge for a competitive person like me!).

After 6 weeks my body was cleaner and leaner than ever and I was running again! The stress fracture was actually one of the coolest things that happened to me in 2013, it enabled me to take a step back, reflect and make some really positive changes in my life.