You’re committed to your wellness routine and living the healthiest lifestyle possible. You dedicate a chunk of time during your week to either the gym or yoga or maybe even boxing and lifting weights. Hell, sometimes you even throw in a green juice when you’re feeling extra motivated.

Routines give us a sense of structure, so when rather suddenly, those routines are taken away from us, life as we know it feels drastically different.

Most businesses in the U.S. are mandating employees to work from home, gyms are temporarily closed, nonessential retailers are closing their doors, and grocery stores are struggling to meet customer demand for necessities. With fewer and fewer outlets for our energy and anxiety, it’s more critical than ever to find activities that help keep up your mental and physical health.

There’s no shortage of Instagram Live home workouts from your favorite fitness brands and instructors/influencers, but there’s something about exercise outside that just can’t be replicated. That’s why now is the perfect time to lace up your go-to running shoes and get your blood flowing while inhaling some fresh air. Outdoor exercise is considered an “essential” reason to leave your house and can be considered safe as long as you maintain proper social distancing practices.

We’ve partnered with ASICS to get you out of the house and get you running.

Step 1: Find the right shoes. ASICS offers a great shoe finder that helps with recommendations based on a shortlist of criteria, including mileage goals and type of shoe support for your next run.

Asics Shoe Finder

Step 2: Theragun Warmup 

Step 3: Take it slow. Whether you’re running outside or on a treadmill for the first time, take it slow. Looking for some coaching and guided running, download the ASICS Studio app and check out their treadmill and outdoor running classes from industry experts.

Step 4: Enjoy the runner’s high. The “feel-good” chemicals that get released into your body after a run are just as important as the physical benefits that running delivers. Research has shown that running helps to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and improve sleep.

Step 5: Theragun Recovery