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By Wayne David Clark

As fitness professionals we sometimes tend to neglect our own bodies in favour of helping others achieve their goals.  

We become so focussed on the needs of others, that our own needs tend to be placed on the back burner. Having said that a lot of the trainers that I come in contact with, where I work at Optimum Performance Studio, tend to practice what they preach.

As a seasoned Fitness Professional, Trainer and Educator, I spend a lot of my time encouraging and nurturing new trainers to reach their goals and strive to see thier full potential, and in doing so tend to neglect my own personal well being. Especially now that I am working in an office for the majority of the day for the first time in nearly 20 years, it is slowly taking its toll on my posture and mobility.

That was until I started teaching again, after a 2 year hiatus, and have never felt better. For now that is simply teaching a few classes per week mostly Mobility classes, but these 50 minute sessions have transformed my body in a way I never thought possible. Especially now that we have access to the latest in vibration and mobility tech, from Tratac™ using their vibrating rollers and balls, we are able to attain faster and more long lasting benefits.

It didn’t really take long at all, before I was starting to feel that moving, even just walking, was so much easier. I am very conscience of how I feel and move, always have been, and have noticed a marked change in my freedom of movement, my gait and my overall posture in general. 

I have my own little morning ritual as well as my classes that I teach. Basically all I am doing is waking up and stimulating my fascia to give me a good start to the day. Being in this business for the last 37 years or more, I have noticed a real shift in programming. Like most things we evolve, that is just human nature, but from a scientific standpoint we have made some real significant and remarkable changes vibration is just one of them.

Having been privy to some incredible education over the decades, I have to say that sometimes all this information can feel a little overwhelming at times, and when that happens I find that my ability to learn seems to be hindered some-what, but eventually I manage to get my head above water again and then I can move forward and put to good use the new information that I had just had access to.

For me FOAM ROLLING Self Myofascial Release, as the name suggests, has been a godsend and the fact that I can get to teach it (meaning that I have to do it) is also a blessing in disguise. I feel and move so much more freely which is a great feeling, and I have seen that not just in me but also in the clients that attend my classes.

Now with the newest addition to the family from Tratac™ the vibrating rollers and balls makes for a more versatile and relaxing experience.

So if you are feeling a little unbalanced and or stiff, and lets face it who doesn’t feel stiff, especially as we get older, I suggest that you get your hands on a roller and try rolling. I guarantee you will notice a difference almost immediately, and if you are not sure what to do, then pop along to one of my classes and let me help make you feel better.

Wayne David Clark

For Optimum Performance Studios

Education / Marketing Manager