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Periodization and programming are not necessarily the same thing. Periodization is the cycles of training that take place. Often, we talk about macro, meso, and micro cycles. In sports, the periodization may include those concepts, but change based on the season: off-season, pre-season, in-season, and hopefully … post-season. Off-season may have several different training cycles.

Early on it will be focused on recovery! After a progressive lead-in (a long micro-cycle or a single mesocycle) the programs can focus more and more intense exercises depending on the sport, but most sports that come to mind will have intense training involved at some point … which is usually the offseason.

This episode will focus, not on sports programming, but routines within every period of training that should take place. These routine components that comprise a program may include the following: warm-ups, flexibility, cardio and metabolic training, core, balance, reactive/plyometrics, SAQ, resistance training, and cool-downs.

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