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Optimum Performance Studio (OPS) is a boutique studio that believes in making exercise functional and fun, by fusing fitness with play.  People know that exercise is important for leading a healthy lifestyle, unfortunately, exercise to some people might seem like too much work. At OPS, will bring you a total fun experience, so much so that, you won’t even notice that you are working out.



TRX ROOM is a unique training room situated on the 2/F. This studio is full equipped with everything TRX. If you specialise in TRX suspension training or TRX functional training, or just like to mix up your training, then you will find everything that you need in this room.


TRX Suspension Trainers

TRX Slam Balls

TRX Ropes


PAVIGYM STUDIO is our largest studio housing the very unique PAVIGYM system. The ideal room for group bookings and small group classes. This studio is a real functional training room with plenty of space and equipment to give you and your clients a great workout.


Standing Cable Machine

Free weights (Dumbbells)

Bosu Balls and Swiss Balls, Bags and Battling Ropes


Weight Training Room This room is our heavy lifting room. If your clients require maximal strength training this room is the room of choice. Housing a heavy lifting platform, olympic lifting weights and bars, spread out over two levels, this room has everything that you need.


Olympic lifting platform and weights

A variety of benches and a huge range of free weights

Treadmill, Oliptical and Cable machine

We are the authorized education and equipment distributor for TRX. We provide certification courses in all disciplines of TRX Suspension Training including: Suspension Trainer Certification (TRX STC), Group (TRX GTC), Functional (TRX FTC), Sports Medicine (TRX SMSTC), Rip Trainer (TRX RIP) and TRX for Yoga. VIEW COURSES We are an authorized distributor and the exclusive education provider for Trigger Point education courses including: Foam Rolling; Myofascial Compression Techniques; and MB5 Assessment to Performance. VIEW COURSES We are the authorized distributor for Gray Institute in 6 territories throughout South East Asia. We offer both Gray Institute courses: 3D Movement Analysis and Performance Systems (3DMAPS) and the Certification in Applied Functional Science (CAFS) in both a live and/or online self study format. VIEW COURSES For over 35 years, AFAA® has provided generations of instructors with practical skills and hands-on experience needed to inspire and motivate the world to move toward happier and healthier lives. The new AFAA Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA-GFI) course is the ideal start of your journey in group training. VIEW COURSES We’re more than just a tape company. We are a movement company. We help individuals and athletes of every level go stronger, longer with the best kinesiology tape, cutting-edge education, and fitness support products. VIEW COURSES We are the authorized education provider for NASM / AFAA in 9 territories in South East Asia. We offer students learning opportunities in both a live and/or online self-study format. All courses are taught by an approved NASM Master Trainer. VIEW COURSES
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