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by Sean Greely

The dream of every entrepreneur is to create a profitable business that gives them the freedom to live the kind of life they want. But if your pricing and packaging aren’t right, you’ll never achieve that dream.

There are two common mistakes that fitness professionals make when it comes to pricing and packaging.

  1. You don’t get your clients to commit to the length of time they need to hit their goals.

It’s very unlikely that 5 or 10 session or class packs will get your clients to their goals. As a professional, it’s YOUR responsibility to recommend a realistic program that best serves your clients.

Because if your clients aren’t hitting their goals, don’t be surprised when they become unhappy with you and leave your program.

  1. You discount your prices to “beat out” the competition.

If you’re basing your rates on what the competition is charging, you’re committing business (and financial) suicide. There simply won’t be any profits left over to grow your business.

With a services business, you’re either the best or the cheapest. There is no in-between.

Which one do you want to be known as?

You MUST charge what you’re worth if you value yourself, your business, and serving your clients.

The Solution

If you haven’t been charging what you’re worth and your pricing for your services is incredibly low, you have to raise your rates in order to grow a sustainable fitness business.

Focus on delivering value and price becomes irrelevant. Serve your clients so they LOVE doing business with you and couldn’t possibly imagine going anywhere else!

Remember, you’re selling on value, not price. If you don’t feel like you’re providing that value yet, then give more first.

Pricing is the first step to being PROFITABLE and having FREEDOM. If you don’t get your pricing right, it’s impossible to have much of either.