By Joanna Cheng


You’ve worked hard to build a personal training business with clientele that trust you. So, you want to make sure your hard work is protected. Despite our best intentions, accidents can and do happen.

If you are not properly insured, you may be on the hook financially for all damages. Personal training insurance is your line of defense when something goes wrong.


The idea of insurance for businesses is simple: you pay a set amount in the form of an insurance premium, generally either monthly or once a year. In return, you may be able to avoid paying a much larger amount if something unexpected happens. Business insurance limits risk to your personal trainer business.

If an accident happens while you’re working or someone blames you for damage, your business insurance could take care of the problem so that the cost doesn’t come out of your own budget.


Traditionally, business owners had to figure out what types of business insurance policies they need to get the right coverage. But now it’s simple to get exactly what you need with customized coverage for your business.

Here are the types of insurance for personal trainers that are available.

Insurance TypeCoverageExampleDo I Need This?
General LiabilityThis can cover many of the accidents at work, including property damage, physical injury, and medical or legal fees. General liability business insurance also covers personal injury, which includes things like advertising harm and copyright violations.Your client tears their ACL during a session, and they sue you for $100,000.General liability coverage is the most basic type of insurance that most businesses need. We recommend a personal trainer gets this.
Professional Liability aka Errors & OmissionsThis insurance for personal trainers can cover accusations of professional mistakes, as opposed to unavoidable accidents. It often pays for work to be redone or for damage caused by faulty work.Your client doesn’t meet their fitness goals and blames you. They sue you for not providing the amount of instruction they expected of a personal trainer.Professional liability insurance is especially important if you deal with expensive property (houses, cars, etc.), but can also cover you if you have technical difficulties and can’t complete a job.
Commercial AutoCommercial auto insurance can pay for damage caused by or to your business vehicle in case of an accident or collision, whether or not it was your fault.Someone hits your car while it’s parked. Now it needs body work.If your vehicle is an inherent part of the work you do, then you need commercial auto insurance. It’s generally a legal requirement if you use your vehicle for business.
Workers’ CompensationIf an employee gets hurt on the job, this type of insurance for business owners could cover their medical expenses and lost salary while protecting you, the employer, from being sued for negligence.Your employee suffers from a work related injury or illness and incurs medical expenses.In many states, workers’ compensation is mandatory for any business with even one employee. However, some places have other requirements and some do not regulate it. Check local laws to find out.

You’re a skilled professional. To excel, you need a good safety net that lets you focus on helping people reach their fitness goals. When you feel confident and secure, you’ll be able to push forward, take on new challenges, and bring your business to the next level.

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