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It’s a definitive “yes” when it comes to walking, hiking, bike riding, playing tennis or any activity that both people can equally take part in and enjoy. These are great ways for couples to squeeze in exercise, support each other’s health, and enjoy quality time together.

But there are more factors to consider when it comes to workouts with a specific goal in mind. While it may be convenient to have couples follow the same training, ideally a client’s exercise plan should be as individualized and specific to their needs as possible. Say you have a husband looking to build strength and power and a wife looking to tone up and improve posture. Putting them on the same exercise plan will likely fall short of producing the results they each want. Sometimes, however, couples training works just fine if you have a pair with similar goals—maybe to lose weight or improve their general fitness. In that situation, it is perfectly reasonable to put them on a similar program and adjust various components, such as intensity or volume, specific to their individual needs.

Participating in group training is another option to consider. A bit less intimate, but with group strength or boot camp options, couples can continue to achieve their desired results while still working out together. Motivation and accountability is now spread beyond just the couple (and sometimes that’s even more encouraging than a comment or nudge from a partner.). Here’s a small group circuit workout to get you started.

Thank you Jeff Bomberger, NASM-CES, PES for sharing your insight.