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National Academy Of Sports Medicine:

A handwritten note is a powerful thing—and it can help with retention.

“People do business with those they know, like, and trust,” says Rasul Davis, NASM-CPT, a Santa Monica, Calif.–based trainer and life clarity coach. “By sending clients thank you notes, you’re giving them what they want: the knowledge that you care.”

Davis believes a better trainer-client connection reduces attrition and promotes referrals. Here, he shares the anatomy of a successful thank you note.

  • Timeliness When a client reaches a training or fitness milestone, send a note that day thanking them for involving you.
  • Heartfelt message Take a few moments to gather your thoughts. Then, in three or four sentences, explain what you’re thankful for. Keep it short.
  • Photo Drop in a photo of you and your client working together. “People throw away cards, but they don’t throw away people,” Davis says. “That note will be special to them because they’re in it.”
  • A signature Just your first name, no title.
  • What NOT to Include Avoid including any advertising or any other sort of marketing. Keep it personal.

Have you ever received a thank you note from any of your clients? (You probably remember who and why!)

Do you send your clients thank-you notes or other messages of encouragement? Has it positively impacted your client retention results?