TRX Tactical Gym Trainer

$ 3,200.00

Invented by a Navy SEAL on deployment, TRX® Suspension Trainers™ are the most efficient way to stay mission-ready.

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TRX Tactical Gym Trainer

This TRX Tactical Gym Trainer features our toughest, lightest Suspension Trainer and the 12-week TRX Tactical Conditioning Program in the ultra-enhanced TRX FORCE Super App that’s loaded with updates and new features. The TRX Tactical is made from industrial-grade materials and components and is used by every branch of the US Armed Services as well as safety and security personnel of all types. This Suspension Trainer allows you to train in any environment.
The TRX Tactical Gym Trainer delivers anchoring solutions and workouts for any situation, so no matter where your mission takes you, you never have to miss a workout.

TRX Tactical Gym Trainer Features:

  • TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer
  • TRX Door Anchor
  • TRX Suspension Anchor
  • Digital downloads with three real-time workouts that you can download and view anywhere
  • TRX Training App
  • TRX Tactical Mesh Running Pack
  • TRX Xtender

TRX Tactical Gym Trainer Programmes:

  • The ultra-enhanced digital 12-week Tactical Conditioning Program accessible anywhere on your smartphone
  • All in a world-class download so no streaming is required — it goes wherever you go.
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