TriggerPoint STK Target

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Targeted, deep reach rollers and massage sticks give you the ability to compress muscles and relieve soreness and speed up recovery. From the bottoms of your feet up to your neck, find relief in the palm of your hands with our range of TriggerPoint Hand Helds.

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TriggerPoint STK Target

The STK Target is a travel-friendly, targeted deep tissue massage bar with 8 independently spinning wheels that grip the skin while rolling for a more effective massage. Combined with the patented, ergonomic comfort grip handles, the STK Target makes deep tissue massage easy and portable.

Product Features:

  • Provides a superior deep tissue massage via 8 independent-spinning wheels
  • AcuGRIP® Surface grips the skin for enhanced massage
  • Features ergonomic comfort grip handles that make it easy and comfortable to use
  • Gear-shaped wheel design provides a targeted massage
  • Lightweight and compact, making  it ideal for travel


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