PowerWave Enduro Spartan 12kg

$ 990.00

This is not your average sandbag – the PowerWave has unique features built in to help you maintain proper body alignment as you maximize caloric expenditure. An incredibly portable device so you can make the world your gym

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PowerWave™ ENDURO Spartan 

PowerWave™ ENDURO Spartan (26.4lbs – 12kg) is the ideal weight for Men wishing to get leaner and stronger or ladies looking to put on size.

The improved replacement to our previous best seller PowerWave Classic. Enhanced in every way, same great price:

  • Unique duel robust stitching
  • Duel thermo gel technologie
  • Bio shock armour keystone
  • Anti slip cross over friction grip tracks

Everything you need is in the box: PowerWave™ Enduro 2.0 and a unique serial number to access your workouts and nutrition plans along with a host of other facilities all from the palm of your hands via the PowerWave Fitness App.

SPARTAN 12kg – Recommended for men to build and define and for ladies to enhance strength. It may only be 12kg but do not let the weight fool you. The centripetal force this PowerWave can generate can prove demanding even for the most seasoned athlete.

PowerWave Fitness App – Access workouts, nutrition plans and social trainer network all within the palm of your hand with a unique serial number included within the sale of the PowerWave.

Access to: Wave20 workouts. Additional workouts available on subscription.

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