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AFAA From Hi-Lo to Hip-Hop

In hip-hop fitness, we must purposely fuse hip-hop dance style as well as follow the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America’s (AFAA) Basic Exercise Standards and Guidelines (BESGs) presented within AFAA’s Primary Group Exercise Certification to achieve a safe, fun, and effective workout. Through this course, you will learn how to take traditional aerobic movements and fuse them with hip-hop style to create a fun and functional workout that particularly targets the core stabilizers and the movers of the back.

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AFAA From Hi-Lo to Hip-Hop will look at the history of hip-hop and how it captivated the fitness scene. By the early 90s the hip-hop movement spread globally. With all this cultural influence and appeal, it was only natural that hip-hop found its way into people’s workouts. Instructors, who were passionate about dance, coupled with the mass media productions of workouts, such as MTV’s “The Grind Workout,” helped make hip-hop fitness a sought after specialty class.

The course includes:

  • Online course materials
  • Online supporting video
  • Online exam

Course Content:

The AFAA From Hi-Lo to Hip-Hop will look at the following content:

  • Brief history of (hip) and (hop)
  • Elements of Hip-Hop
  • Difference between Hip-Hop dance and Hip-Hop fitness
  • Movement variables
  • Injury prevention

Exam Format:

  • Online multiple choice exam
  • 15 questions
  • 3 attempts at the exam
  • 70% passing grade
  • 365 days to complete

Remarks: All online material can only be accessed using desktop or laptop computer. iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone or Android devices are not supported.

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AFAA (4.0), NASM (0.4)

Course Format:

Online Self Study