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The NASM Performance Enhancement Specialization (PES) has provided the pathway to career success for personal trainers working with clients at every level of athletic performance. PES gives you the knowledge and tools to build individualised, sport-specific training programs to provide athletes with an enhanced training experience, better performance and better results. For some fitness professionals, the PES has been the step necessary to develop their niche by reaching this specific client group. For others, this specialisation has propelled their career toward working with professional and high-performance athletes. Many professional athletic teams also employ individuals who hold the NASM-PES. There are many top performance trainers throughout the world who recommend this specialisation because its foundation is in scientific research and it produces results for athletes at every level.

As an NASM-PES, Yusuf Boyd built his career by developing individuals’ athletic skills and performance. He has been successful as an assistant athletic trainer for the Memphis Grizzlies and currently runs his own business, BIOMechaniks, in Germantown, Tennessee, which addresses athletic performance and sports injury. His programming has been integral in the development of many elite athletes, including a participant in the Ironman U.S. Championship who had a debilitating hamstring injury. With a strong understanding of the human body and training with injuries, Boyd brought this Ironman athlete back to full-functional capacity and ready to participate in an upcoming event. Boyd gives credit to the PES, stating that he “was able to take a different approach, and it worked.” Boyd attributes his confidence with the PES to the fact “that it’s proven in science.”

The PES has proven to be an extremely effective specialisation to hold, especially in combination with other areas of focus such as the NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES). Craig Couillard, DC, a licensed doctor of chiropractic, has shown how this works with Olympic athletes. “[Getting my CES and PES]…opened my eyes to see things from a bigger picture,” states Dr Couillard. The knowledge and application he learned from these two specialisations gave him the expertise needed to build a successful career that reaches Olympic heights. “If you apply for these programs the way they ought to be, getting results is easy,” he says.

The PES builds upon the solid base of scientific knowledge provided by the NASM personal training certification and the Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model. It also provides the understanding of applications necessary to turn that knowledge into effective programming for your clients. Whether your clients are high school athletes or elite athletes, hardcore weekend warriors looking for their next challenge, the NASM-PES provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to help your clients reach an elevated level of performance. Discover why the NASM-PES is recognised throughout the sports and fitness industry, and how it can give you the boost you need for advancement, set the stage for a new career, or help you build your niche business.

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