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Wellness coaching has made a number of “health trends” lists in recent years, as people and organizations recognize that overall wellness can improve happiness, productivity, and health.
“A wellness coach helps clients reach broader goals—around fitness, healthy eating, weight loss, stress management, and sleep, for example—to develop an overall healthy approach to life,” explains Erin McGill, MA, NASM- CPT, CES, PES, FNS, senior director of product development for NASM. “It’s about helping clients identify obstacles and use

Restricted ability to work for others
their strengths to overcome those obstacles.”
That broad approach is one of the key differences between wellness coaching and personal training (which focuses on fitness, of course). To help fitness professionals broaden their reach into the trending market of wellness, NASM is currently developing a new course that will combine behavioral changes, coaching strategies, and related nutrition and fitness information.