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If anyone asked me to describe Antonio Barrias in one sentance, I would have to say that he was, for his age, one of the most humble and determined young men that I have had the privilege of meeting during my time here at OPS. With an unwaving desire for knowledge, Antonio has attended more courses than there are courses to attend it would seem.

If you have ever attended an education session at Optimum Performance Studio, chances are you may have already met him.

But it is not just about attending courses, he also wants to excell at everything he does and use that information to benefit others, which in my opinion, makes the difference between and average trainer and an exceptional trainer.

A typical day in the life of a personal trainer in Macau…

A word from Antonio

My typical day as a PT in Macau is much like any other PT trying to make it in the business.

I wake up very early everyday sometimes even before the sun has come up, and because I do not have my own personal training studio to work from at the moment, I have to go around Macao to meet my clients where ever they would like to train. Typically, I go to Club Houses and train my clients where ever they are for their own convenience.

I try and do my very best to get anyone that wants my help to where they would like to be health wise! Having said that I find that Macau is not an easy place for a Personal Trainer and as such find myself dealing with hassles everyday, in fact most people think that what I do is nothing special and can be done by anyone, so I constantly find myself competing with the less educated trainers as they try and sell themselves as Personal Trainers and Coaches, but I guess that happens everywhere, not just in Macau.

My thirst for knowledge has, well, led me to have a very dull personal life it seems! No party scene for me, my days off are typically spent in Courses or in my office studying new research and materials. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, I know what I want to do and I love doing it.

I do not see what I do as a JOB, or WORK, I find myself very lucky to be paid to do what I love to do, plus share my knowledge to anyone that is willing to listen!

Antonio, runs his own personal training business XPERT FITNESS, based in Macau, and constantly strives to be ahead of his competition through his ongoing training and education programs.

With such enthusiasm and a kind hearted nature, Antonio has a very unique and special way to motivate his clients.

If you would like to contact Antonio regarding training in Macau, you can send him an email at [email protected]