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By TRX Editor

This November the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) predicted its top twenty fitness trends of 2016 in its 10th Annual Survey of 2,800 health and fitness professionals. TRX is truly grateful and thrilled to learn that the gear, education and programming we produce is aligned, and on point, with many of these top fitness trends for the upcoming year.

“The survey serves as the leading authority on health and fitness trends and is a primary mechanism for the fitness industry to better serve its consumers in the coming year”, writes Bridget A. Peters, Ph.D., one of the experts asked to comment on the trends.

Why do you care?
Well, if you’re reading this article you’re probably interested in health and fitness, and hopefully using TRX Suspension TrainingⓇ equipment to help you. Rest assured we are on track. Of the twenty top trends, eight of those overlap with what TRX gear, education and programming (i.e., workouts) promote. That’s pretty powerful. So, if you have one of our Suspension Trainers, take part in TRX classes with a professional trainer, or are a fitness professional using TRX as part of your business, you’re positioned for a fun and successful year of fitness.

How does TRX Align?
Of the top 5 trends, TRX falls under three of the top five, in addition to another five in the remainder of the list, including #2 Body weight training, #3 High Intensity Interval Training, #4 Strength Training #7 Functional Fitness, #10 Yoga, #11 Group Personal Training, #17 Smart phone exercise apps, and #19 Core Training. Read the full ACSM Worldwide Survey here.

Here’s how TRX Suspension Training and our Suspension Trainers coincide with these fitness trends:

#2 Body weight training
Body weight training is the definition of TRX Suspension Training. The TRX Suspension Trainer allows you to use your own body weight as a means of resistance to challenge yourself in thousands of exercises. Learn more about TRX Suspension Training here.

#3 High Intensity Interval Training
High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, refers to the technique of alternating periods of high-intensity exercise with short rest periods for a specific number of sets. These are short, intense bursts of cardio strength-based movements using a variety of tools, including the TRX Suspension Trainer or other gear, and offer the supreme benefits of both fitness and fat loss in less time than many other workout methods. For more about HIIT with TRX Suspension Trainers, keep reading here.

#4 Strength Training
Building strength refers to building your muscles abilities to generate force against physical objects. The term “strength training” refers to the process of exercising for the purpose of strengthening the musculoskeletal system. Using the TRX Suspension Trainer is a fun and effective way to build strength and progress at your own pace. Explore more about strength training here.

#7 Functional Fitness
Functional fitness provides you with the strength, stability, mobility, endurance and flexibility you need to move and thrive in your daily routine or more complex actions, such as sports. You’re basic daily functional movements include pushing, pulling, hinging, squatting, rotating, carrying and gait patterns (walking and running). The TRX Suspension Trainer helps you perform, refine and master these functional movements through hundreds of exercises. Read more on functional suspension training here.

#10 Yoga
With the rise Yoga’s popularity, it didn’t take long for yogi’s and professional trainers to understand the value that TRX Suspension Trainers add to their practice. As people progress through yoga training, using the TRX Suspension Trainer helps build the balance, strength and confidence to complete advanced poses. To learn more about how TRX can scale, complement and improve your yoga practice, start here.

#11 Group Personal Training
In the past few years, during tough economic times, personal trainers have had to get creative in how they package their services and market themselves. Offering group personal training classes, training two to three people at a time, has become a popular way to gain and retain clients. The group environment not only serves as a costs savings for clients, but a larger revenue opportunity for the Coach. The benefits of a group environment include: comradery, energy, commitment & teamwork. TRX Education offers a group training course as part of its curriculum, focusing on Group Coaching to help trainers take on the nuances of working with several people at different stages of fitness. Learn more about our education here and check out our directory of qualified trainers.

#17 Smart phone exercise apps
Apps on smartphones and tablets have made it increasingly easy to access a range of exercise programs and workouts for every taste. Whether strength training, HIIT, Yoga or running, there are thousands of choices out there to help people get fit and track their progress. TRX offers two apps for mobile devices, our free TRX App and the TRX FORCE Super App. Both apps offer cutting edge workouts to burn fat and build muscle, with the TRX FORCE Super App offering a comprehensive 12-week conditioning program, that has the user complete three, 4-week plans, complete with benchmark tests to track progress, built in timers and a supplementary pull up program.

#19 Core Training
TRX Training’s definition of the “core” refers to the region and muscles of the body below the neck to the mid thigh, excluding your arms and legs. Your core is more than just your abs. All of the muscles that surround your abdomen, work to support your spine, and protect your internal organs, are collectively your “core” muscles.